Breaks interstate park

The CACC, Access Fund, and the Breaks Interstate Park worked together to open rock climbing in 2016.

Situated along the Wild and Scenic Russel Fork River are sandstone cliffs reminiscent of those in the New River Gorge and the Obed. 

guest river gorge

The CACC worked with the Access Fund and the United States Forest Service to partially open the Guest to rock climbing in 2015 and are continuing to work for more access. The Guest River Gorge offers both excellent roped climbing and bouldering along a rail-to-trail bike path beside the beautiful Guest River.

High knob

The CACC, the Access Fund, the United States Forest Service, and the City of Norton worked together to open High Knob to climbing in 2014. This high altitude (4,000') boulder field provides 100+ problems on high quality sandstone. 

grayson highlands State Park

This high altitude (4,900'), rhyolite boulder field offers the best summer bouldering temperatures in the southeast, along with majestic views and wild ponies.

ben's branch

The CACC, the Access Fund, and the Town of Appalachia worked together to open Ben's Branch to climbing in 2018. This high quality sandstone cliff features Rifle-esque climbing with a roadside approach.